Meet up with Loi, Fuad, Ida, Ehsan and Shikin yesterday. It's been months now we haven't see each other. So we went to the Curve, like the best shopping spot ever~, not to mentioned the best place to eat also. Hee. So after my usual weekend family outing at MidValley Megamall, I went straight and pick Loi and Shikin up. Meet up with the others around 2p.m. and then we went to have lunch.

The place is called Marché and it was my first time. And I love it! Inside this place, you'll be given a passport and there will be a small market (macam food court la) and you just go to the stalls around and ask for what you want. They will later mark your passport with some chop which later on will be used when you're paying. Something like that.

Ehsan's and my sautéed mushroom

my plate of salad

Loi's and Shikin's chicken pasta

Fuad's and Ida's salmon steak

I totally forgot to snap pictures of the desserts. Silly me.

the boys

the girls

from left: Loi, Ehsan, Shikin, Ida and Fuad.

Dzubir came a bit later.

For those who haven't/wanted/dying to try Marché, please do so. It's a nice place to hang out and to dine in. Oh, and for the budget let's just say around RM20 minimum per person. Sekali sekala boleh la aite?

Next one would be berbuka puasa! Can't wait!