emtry the eleventh: r.a.p.e.d.

Just when I wish for Micheal Bay not to rape my childhood, someone else did it before him. With the same bloody thing; The Transformers.

Transformers in the 80's

Transformers for 2008

Well, damn you Cartoon Network! But keep it up with Ben10. Hehehee


entry the tenth: A tear dripping story

While I was driving this morning to class, I listened to Hitz and the Morning Crew(MC) were talking about the movies that made the guys cried. And I actually tried to call but susah lah. I was driving anyway.

So here is the list of what made me cry. Either just tears meleleh to tears like air terjun (I'm not sure I nangis gila-gila).

Click starring Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale and Christopher Walken.

I know it's not really a sad movie. I went to see this to have some fun time laughing but towards the end, menangis pulak. The first half is quite typical for an Adam Sandler's movie. But when Michael Newman (Sandler) over-forward his life, it became more and more sad. So I pon nangis lah. But just meleleh jer. Still, it is a pretty darn good movie. Unexpectedly brilliant!
Damn you Adam Sandler!

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Tangisan rating: tangisan lelaki sejati

Simon Birch starring Joseph Mazello, Ian Michael Smith, Oliver Platt and Ashley Judd.

This movie is one movie that touched my heart. It is about a boy named Simon (Smith) that has lack of height and growth but his spirit is strong. By believing that god has plans for him, he sacrifice his life to save others. Such a noble thing to do. The sad part is when his bestfriend, Joe Wenteworth (Mazello), tried to save him but failed. Such amazing acting by both young actors brings out the realness in the character's friendship.

Overall rating: 8/10

Tangisan rating: tangisan terharu

Futurama S03E10 'The Luck of Fryish' starring Billy West, Katey Sagal and John DiMaggio

Well fine. It is not a movie but this particular episode made me cry extra special. Nice storyline. Worth to shed those tears.
Phillip J. Fry (West) was cryonically frozen for one thousand years and found out that in the past, there is a person by the same name was famous. He also found out that the impersonator was using his 'Lucky seven-leaf clover'. Being fed up with his bad luck in the future, he looked for his clover. Later he found out that the "impersonator" was his nephew, named after him , "someone special" whom Yancy (Fry's big brother) "misses every day."

Overall rating: 10/10

Tangisan rating: seriously sedih


entry the ninth: 'Til all are one

found this comic strip and I'll say: I'm with you. Please oh please, don't break my heart Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS.

I'm begging.


entry the eighth: When Chip or Dale stars 'Bold and Beautiful'

Seriously hillarious!

I first saw the original one from Loi's blog. Ehsan was the founder so Ehsan, keep up the good work!


entry the seventh: I was gonna type about 'Seventh Heaven'

This happened to me yesterday: went for lunch with Loi at Italiannes,OU and we had Shrimp Linguine. So we divide the shrimp...saja nak kasi adil and there only 7 shrimps. Sad i was but yeah mengalah la. And then, under the linguine...another SHRIMP! Seriously. Macam dalam iklan tuh. Just that no one wants to cheer with me or congratulate me.

Real life are sometimes boring...

Which reminds me, CHEER2007 will be aired on national TV for the first time! Cuci mata. Haha...