Just like the one in Lion King, with more danger.

It all started with a lovely night I had with Loi. We went to see Rodgers and Hammerstein's The King and I, a play based from the movie with the same name. It was a nice play with nice balance of storyline and music. What I like most about it was the voice of each talents. I definitely cannot sing like that. It was superb. So the drive to Istana Budaya was slow due to the slow traffic from PJ all the way to KL, and so my leg pon penat...manual car. Heh.

After the show, I send Loi back to her home and went straight to Zid's place for my next event. To be the first few people to get the latest Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. Crazy I tell you. The crowd is damn crazy. I, for one, went there not for the book. But for the experience of waiting and camping for something, and to do it with friends.

This is how we were waiting for that bloody book. I think I heard me talking.

Some fan actually hide inside the mall. Which is illegal and unfair for us yang menunggu outside. Whenever the guards caught them, they will be sent out and people will cheer because they tried and kena tangkap. Pastu jerit-jerit "Pi dok belakang ahh!" Hahaa...

Some yang kena tangkap.

It was fun. I enjoyed it. Especially when all Harry Potter fans at that time have to run for the first 13 books which was given for free. Ah! To get into Kinokuniya, the enterance is the Fat Lady from the book just like whenever anyone wants to get into Gryffindor's dorm. So I ran with them as well. It was dangerous but damn fun! Some people were injured. Some of them play it dirty by putting the tong sampah in the middle of the escalator. Things like that. Again, I was doing it for fun. Not for the book. Not even Zid's friend, Lan, was there for the book. But we had fun.
The Fat Lady and I

Oh...my sister, Mek, called me after she bought hers in NZ. Here is what we talk about...

Mek: Abang! You still in line ker?
Me: Nope. Dah abis beratur dah. Kenapa?
Mek: Baru nak mintak you belikan UK adult version. Cover dier cantik!
Me: Buat apa? Isi dier sama jer.
Mek: Then you beli tak?
Me: Tak.
Mek: Then buat apa you pi KLCC?
Me: Saja nak merasa beratur and join the crowd nyer stampede.
Mek: Tahpahape ahh you nih. Hahahahaaa...

Well usually dier gelak "wakaka" but it sounds like budak terencat akal. Heheee.

pics courtesy of Rinco's Flickr
vids courtesy of PohGeok