I am still in the mood for merdeka celebration so I am going to blog a bit about Malaysia. This entry will be only about Malaysia and Malaysian, taken from the August issue of Going Places magazine; the Malaysian Airline's (MAS) official magazine.

What makes you a Malaysian? (a question for those who think they're Malaysian) I think these icons won't be something you've never heard of...
IF you are truly a Malaysian.

Malaysia inked!
Cartoons from Dato' Lat are familiar with our Malaysian way of life. The cartoons mostly tells us about what is around us and sometimes without realising, his cartoons also reflects the life of many Malaysians in many ways. His art and humour has been used as a weapon in uniting Malaysians, and it is all thanks to one man - Dato' Lat.

Buah berduri-duri
Malaysia is blessed with all kind of fruits; with a variety of taste and smell. And as the king, Durian is simply different than any other fruits that are found here in Malaysia. Try to describe the taste and smell of this and I'm not sure you can find the right words for it. Durian is a fruit that treads no middle ground: either you love it or you hate it.
Agree, no

And All hail the Durian!

Motives of life

The pretty motives from the Batik, both the blocking designs or the tjanting designs.
It is one of Malaysia's most known traditional art form. Can be worn by
woman or even man, now it comes in many forms such as shirt, sarong
and even as wall ornaments.
definitely one of the art form in Malaysia that is now growing along with its fame.

Besi mahal woh!
Was a small business at first. But now it is well known worldwide and one of the Malaysian most finest and famous exports. Royal Selangor is also a recipient for many awards throughout his history for its quality and numerous international designs. They even had a grail design based from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (LOTR). Something worth being proud of.

and greasy Ramly
The burger of our time. I bet this burger is famous
all over the country. And the taste is just nice. All you need is a patty; either beef or chicken, Maggi seasoning, lettuce, onions, cheese, mayo, ketcup and chilli sauce. Not forgetting the specials, fried egg wraping the patty. Simple. So forget about McD for a while and let's us have Ramly instead.
Nak cari? Just look for a 7-eleven store.

Want to know something cool about Ramly burger? It is so Malaysian, its even banned in

International racing place
All sorts of racers tried to race here. Heck, even the Mat Rempit were "invited" to race there by the govern
ment. Sepang International Circuit (SIC), situated near KLIA, is a place to be whenever the grand prix is held here. This icon brings Malaysia up to the world in motoring sports.

Breakfast no.1 in all our heart
Nasi lemak is the most wanted breakfast
in Malaysia. So if they were to vote for the national dish, nasi lemak would be it. Deriving its name (which means 'creamy rice') from the rice which is cooked in coconut milk, is usually accompanied by fried peanuts, anchovies, hard-boiled or fried egg, cucumber and sambal. Sometimes people would weat it with beef rendang or sambal sotong. Nowadays, it is not only for breakfast but it is also eaten/sold for lunch, dinner or supper as well.

Tallest twins in the world
Was the tallest building when it was completed in 1998, the Pertonas Twin Tower is a symb
ol of all that is modern in Malaysia. This 88-storey high building was designed based on simple geometric Islamic design stand tall in the eye of many Malaysians as the tallest building in the world for 6 years. But up until now, this building would always be the signature of Malaysia.

Mamak Mia!
Restoran nih can survive no matter where it is. The metal table and the metal stool, with the mamak sometimes don't speak english or m
alay or even manglish, mamak place is the place for us to eat and lepak (hang out). The mamak (Indian Muslim reataurant or food stall) is a place when Malaysians meet for just about anything and everything at any time. Most mamak opens 24hours a day so meeting up old friends? Or had a small meeting? or even a very late supper? Mamak is definitely the place to be.

What to expect at the mamak?

Roti Canai sama Teh Tarik
At mamak, try these two. Roti canai and teh tarik is also Malaysian favourite dish after nasi lemak and some other favourite food they like. The teh tarik is actually tea with milk but prepared in a special way where the maker will pour the tea from cup to cup but in a abnormal distance. This must be done in order to mix it better. Secara teorinya the taste would be a bit different and also the bubbles is important in a teh tarik.

Roti canai is actually a some kind of a flatbread and only can be
found in Malaysia. The dish is composed of dough containing copious amounts of fat, egg, flour and water. The form of fat used is usually ghee.

Here-lah! Ok-lah! Lah lah lah!

Finally is the word 'lah'. Many Malaysian love to use this small tiny one-syllable on anything. By itself, the word doesn't mean anything and it is invariably used only as a suffix, never a prefix. It's a linguistic affection we all feel a strong affection for. Hee. I like 'lah'.

Tunggu apa lagi? Bacalah blog I nih.

There is more icons I can think of such as Tans Sri P. Ramlee, KLIA, Mount Kota Kinabalu and more. But these icons listed here are some yang I suka. So Happy Birthday Malaysia. You're 50 now so keep growing old!

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia yang ke-50.

habis tulis on merdeka day