entry the seventy: I had a nose job.

It was painful. Like very.

It all started when my brothers Luqman and Firdaus complained to my mom about my snoring. From what they claimed (eceh, claim jer...) it was loud and scary. Scary because the fact that I actually stopped breathing at some point. So I thought sebab of my body (gemuk)and my tonsil but after a meeting with a specialist, he told me that it was something else. He said that my passageway for breathing is a bit small. I have some extra frills on the top part of my passageway. Also, my nose is a bit senget. My lubang hidung pon smaller on one side.

So what to do? Operate.

When he told me that it will be painful macam sakit tonsil, I answered dengan penuh confident "I can handle that". I was wrong. Sakit gila! Every morning I woke up with a headache. The pain goes all the way to my ear. Telan air liur pon sakit. Even on soft and cold diet, ice cream was also torture. But now dah ok banyak dah. The pain is less and I feel ok now.

Other part of this story I malas nak type here. I shall tell if you ask me personally. I can tell you with all the facial expressions. I'm better at that.

Tu jer. Hee... Oh and thanks for those who wished. Sorry tak kasi tau earlier.


entry the sixty ninth: i swear. mine is THAT big!

SERIOUSLY BIG. Heck maybe I should call it huge.

Not talking about the T-shirt. But I'm actually talking about my latest gadget.

Just got myself a 16GB thumbdrive. Nice eh? Now I can sumbat macam-macam in it!

* * *

Entry number 69. Wow. Can't believe I actually reached to this entry number. So many thing I could say about 69 but not now. Need to do something.



entry the sixty eighth: old stuff

Ezani actually tagged me to do this survey but never got around to do it. So I do now.

5 Things I Found in My Handbag
Maybe this tag was meant for girls. I'll just write down the things I find in MY POCKETS:
-Nokia 6500 slider (dammit yes, I'm a nokia user now and I'm not proud of it)
-Wallet that says "Bad Mother F**ker on it
-My car key that is attached to my house key and Lego Batman keyring
-My thumbie that is attached to Lego Mr.Freeze keyring
-syilings for many purposes such as bayar tiket, derma surau or baling kat muka orang masa gaduh if tader pasir around the area

5 Things I Found in My Wallet
-30cent stamp
-Lotsa lots of recipts and card names
-My brother's picture when he was fat
-My picture when I was a kid

5 Favourite Things in My Room
-Lego Batman's Batwing and Batpod
-Patung Godzilla from the 1995 movie
-My new Olympus E520
-My collections of sketches and sketchbooks
-My 500G SeaGate's HD

5 Things I've Always Wanted To Do
-Bungee jump
-Be a hardcore Movie Buff
-Film something awesome
-Be known or famous

5 Things I'm currently into
-Facebook (damn)
-More sketching
-More photography
-TV series yang baru keluar balik

4 Presents I wish for:
-Stabil Life
-An awesome mix CD. and I mean AWESOME
-Complete Collections of Disney Animated movies on a DVD high quality with extras

The person who tagged you is...
Ezani. told u before.

5 Impressions of him:
-true geek
-true gamer
-a good story teller
-a good movie going company
-a good friend

Most memorable thing she has done to you...
Batman key chain and Batman T-shirt from Movie world.

If he becomes your lover, you will...
Damned to the deepest abyss and hell

And now I'm tagging Mek, Loi. And Milla. if she still ikut my blog


entry the sixty seventh: hello and goodbye

It is still raya season so I want to wish to all SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN. On the first day of Syawal, all my relatives came over and celebrated with us here in Bangi since my grandparents were here. It was fun. And pretty busy too. So on the second day we went up north to visit my mom's side of the family. I guess that's how my raya is this year.

* * *

Now for something that fits the title.

I am no longer a Pentax user. I sold my old Pentax *istD to my cousin on the first day or raya. It was sad, I know. That camera banyak berjasa to me. But I need to change it as most of my pictures that I tangkap are no longer rich in colour. Cameras are powerful nowadays and mine was a it ketinggalan.

Ayah bought me Olympus E520 and boy am I happy. this new DSLR are cool! Features pun banyak yang baru. Well, banyak la compared to my Pentax. Heheee.


Click here for more about Olympus E520