entry the thirtieth: "I have a bad news for you sir..."

Selamat Hari Raya. I've been malas to blog on raya. Don't ask me why. Just not in the mood. Nevertheless, my raya was fine. In Klang, dapatlah jumpa sanak saudara yang tak complete since some balik to the other side of the family this raya and in Alor Star, too many kids. Seriously. My granduncle (Tok Chu), ada around 9 kids and most of them are extremely hyper. Seriously. They came to me and wrestle with me, up to 5 kids at the time. Kena pulak masa tuh my uncle came by jugak with his 4 kids, one tak datang and the other one jenis yang baik. Oh and this time around, no mercun nor bunga api for us to play/snap. Pictures biasa pon macam takder. Also I went out with Ehsan for makan-makan. Kampung kitorang giler dekat.

Yesterday pulak, we went to Bukit Antarabangsa to visit out uncle (Pak Long). And he told me a story about this guy and his newborn baby. It goes something like this...

There is this couple who has been married for more than 6 years and
still belum dikurniakan seorang anak. Until one day, the wife got pregnant
and they were thrilled. When the baby was born, new father was happy and
went on straight to see his new son. The doctor caught him before he went
in the baby room and said:

"I have a bad news for you sir. It's about your child."
"What is it?" asked the man.
"I'll tell you. But first I need you to calm down and don't
freak out of what you're about to know"
So they went into the first room and the man saw a baby boy with no arms.
"Is that my son?" asked the man.
"No. That is not your son"
And so they proceed to the next room and the man saw another baby. But
this time with no arms and legs.
"Is that my son?" asked the man again.
"No. That is not your son"
And they proceed again to the other room and they saw another baby. That
baby only have his head to his chest. As he saw the third baby, the man thought
that he'll just accept with whatever about his new son.
"Is that my son?" asked the man again.
"No. That is not your son. That is your son," said the doctor while pointing to a pair
of eyeballs.
"Oh my god," and that is all he can said.
"It's okay. I pasrahlah dengan apa yang ada," added the man.

"Okay then. I think you SHOULD know what's the bad news is," said the doctor.
"This is not the bad news? Then what is it?"
"I'm afraid your son is blind."


entry the twenty ninth: The Raya - cat

I have updated on the story I wrote on October 5th. Just scroll down to read it.
*Dang I wish I could link it instead*

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Heh. I'm not actually looking forward for Hari Raya AidilFitri but everybody else are celebrating it so Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all readers! I wonder why people mintak maaf with batin. Why? Anyway I'll be celebrating the first day here in Bangi/Klang and balik Kedah on the second.
By the way, for those who wants to know more what I'm actually talking about, (Eid ul-Fitr) click here.

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Before I forget, Olly and Ossy's full name is Olivia Aloof and Ossiria Hacker.
Days after Nanook left us, Ma'wa (my mom's friend) came with 4 kittens. Cute. She heard about Nanook through her daughter who actually read Mek's blog (or mine hopefully) and terus offer more cats. So we took 2; one for us and the other one for someone else. Kitorang pegang dulu before that person comes. Since there are 2 of them (one male and the other one female) we named them Cheezles Sadface and Clarice.

*Sadface is leaving now. The owner is now here. :( Bye. Nanti I post their video*

Sadface is named because of his sad looking face and his colour (macam Olly) reminds me of Cheezles.

Clarice pulak named after Chip and Dale's girlfriend, Clarice. In the animation where both Chip and Dale dated the same chick-munk and she said "Love, Clarice" in her letters to the guys.


entry the twenty eighth: R.I.P dear Nanook

Nanook Imakunnel, my cat, died yesterday. He was sick.

The very last image of Nanook Imakunnel

A few days ago, my brother and I send him to UPM Pets Hospital since we noticed that Nanook can no longer moves his back leg. At the hospital, the doctors scanned him to check if he's broken inside. Instead we found that one part of his backbone was kinda compressed. The doctor said this happens if he was in an accident or he fell down from a high place. But there was no scratch on him, to tire markings around the area plus Nanook is no climber. He's too heavy to climb. So we let him stayed there for further check-ups.
The next day, Dr. Intan (the one that was treating Nanook) called me and told me his spinal cord has swollen. It was sad. He was in pain. Badly. So my dad told the doctor to proceed for his operation, if possible. Yesterday Dr. Intan called my dad and told him there is no chance for Nanook. That is when my father asked the doctor to put him to sleep, to end his pain and misery.
We all think that he was hit by a person. I believe a cat-hater. This reminds me of Ehsan's cat died of poison given by a neighbour.
I cried. Nanook was born and raised here. I actually bought his mother. A munchkin.
So long Nanook. I'm going to miss you sangat. Ossy is lonely without her playmate here. Kesian Ossy.

We'll miss you always Nanook!

Click here to read what Mek wrote about our previous cats. And here on Nanook.


entry the twenty seventh: When the lonely king is lonely...

"Exams dah dekat. And here I posting more entries on this blog. Tak de kerja ke? ish." - FarahMexx

Started writing this before exam so Mek's quote pon dicuri.

The title is based from Dzubir's story. Yesterday he told us a story at Loi's place. We gathered there for berbuka. And this is one crazy story.

Here are the list of characters in the story(based on appearance):
Adam - the Lonely King
Dzubir - the King's personal Jester
Ida - an Amazonian Warrior
Ehsan - the Stable boy
Fuad - the Lumberjack
Aliya - the Merchant
Shikin - the Witch of the Right Shoe
Butterscup - *a creature yang i lupa namanyer*

The story begins when the Lonely King was very lonely. So a line of peoples tried to make him laugh since the king has never laughed before. Many tried but the king was still un-laughable, until a Jester came and try his luck by asking only one question.

"What will you get if you minus 2 with 1?" asked the Jester
"Number 2 will be in the lead," answered the king, trying to be as witty as possible.
"Then what is it?"
"No, what?"
"Tell me please,"said the king anxiously.
"Hey look! You're smiling"
"Haha! You're right!" said the king and thus the Jester is now the king's personal Jester.

One day, the king feels sad because of his loneliness. So he called in his Jester and told him that he's sad. The Jester suggested the king to find someone. So the king calls in an Amazon Warrior to search someone beautiful for him. He heard that on Azure city, there's a beautiful lady that is froze for her beauty for many years.The Warrior agreed and went off to search a bride for the king together with the Jester.
As they travels together, just by walking, the Warrior felt that they are moving too slow so she suggested to find horses. The Jester agrees. And they stopped by at a stable to find some horses for themselves. There was a boy taking care of the stable. The Warrior and the Jester asked for two horses for their journey and they said it is for a mission to find their future queen. The Stable boy agreed to give them horses with one condition.

"I have to come along with you. Just to make sure my horses are in good condition" said the Stable boy.
"Okay" answered the other two.

So they all move on with their journey.

Days later, the Warrior suggested to make a pit stop for some good rest at the next house they saw and they all said yes. So they stopped by at the Lumberjack's hut where the Lumberjack was cutting down some trees nearby. He was alone. So the Jester asked for the Lumberjack's permission to rest there. And the Lumberjack gives a green light but with a condition; all three of them must help the Lumberjack.
First they must do some lumber jacking with only an axe. The Warrior did the job easily but too harshly. The woods cut by her turns to shrapnels more than firewoods. The Jester on the other hand had problems with the axe. It kept on turning into flowers as he swings it. The Stable boy can't even lift the axe. So the Lumberjack give them their second task. They have to do some fishing with only a lance-like stick. Being an Amazonian Warrior, she managed to catch a lot of fishes. Big ones. The Jester also manage to catch several fishes but mostly small fishes. The Stable boy stick didn't catch any fishes. Instead he stick it to his feet. For the third task, they have to cook with whatever they catch earlier. The Warrior cooked the best Amazon Steamed Fish the Lumberjack has ever taste, while the Jester's cooking was simple and just fine. The Stable boy just cook some water from the river. Luckily he didn't cook his foot instead. With all the three task done, the three travelers had their rest at the Lumberjack's place.

After their good night rest, the travelers are ready to continue with their journey. As they were about to leave, the Lumber jack wanted to join in the party so he can sell his firewood at Azure city which he actually had another reason. He was actually eyeing on something, or someone.

They traveled all the way to a ledge. And then a Merchant came with only a sling bag. In order to cross over to the other side, they needed a bridge. So the four asked the Merchant something for them to cross.

" Do you have a rope for us to swing across? Because that is what we do in the Amazon," asked the Warrior.
" Sorry but I don't have any rope. Not even a vine for us to swing over,"answered the Merchant.
"Do you have a long wooden plank instead?" asked the Jester.
"No, I'm sorry."
"How about you, dear Lumberjack?"
"I only have fire wood. I don't have a wooden plank."
"Well. Do you have a bridge? For us to cross easily," asked the Stable boy.
"That...I have," answered the Merchant and she pulled out a long bridge out from her sling bag. Apparently, it is a magic sling bag.

With that, they crossed the ledge easily and the Merchant joined the party to Azure city.