Went to Bena's sister's wedding today and it was...well normal. But as normal as it seems, I bet it was a wonderful one for Bena and her family. It depends on how people sees it, you know. I went there around lunch time with Mail, my old classmate in Third Ave. High School (I don't care whatever you want to call it Mek) and stayed there for almost an hour.
There we met a girl which was our senior back in school and I have no idea who she was. Apparently she was pretty smart back then, and I don't know how I tak kenal this girl. Anyway she brought along an American girl who was on a holiday. So we sembang-sembang and we found out that she can speak Bahasa. Quite fluent. And I felt proud and ashamed at the same time because this girl, a foreigner, is speaking in Bahasa. She learned Bahasa from her friends and apparently she's learning so much about Malaysia and it's culture. That made me proud. Proud of being a Malaysian. But her speaking in Bahasa shows how willing she is to learn Bahasa. Sedangkan orang Malaysia sendiri tak berminat nak belajar Bahasa Malaysia, our own mother tounge.
Again, sorry for the rojak. Like mentioned before, I'm proud of being a Malaysian.
This post has nothing to do with our upcoming Independence Day but frankly, semangat I sedang berkobar-kobar. I always love being a Malaysian. I always love my country. I'm not trying to be a hypocrite or whatsoever, but it is true. Malaysian has been my home country since forever. And a lot of things that I learn about being a Malaysian. And I believe here are some that I thing what Malaysian are really made of:

  1. Our official language is Bahasa Malaysia and our common language is Manglish or Rojak.
  2. We love our own food. Although we don't really eat them all.
  3. About the multi racial thingy, I believe we are one race and it is called Malaysian.
  4. The way we sees ourself as Malaysian. We can read them in most Malaysian blog, no matter its bad or good, believe me most of them are true.
I'm not going to say bad things about my country here. Yeah its a bit sensitive but heck, I love my country and I don't give a damn to whoever yang benci Malaysia. It is as aman as a negara could be. Especially with what is happening around us now. No one is perfect, not even an animal or a machine or even a country.
Malaysia will be 50 this end of the month. So Malaysian, be proud, be Malaysian!
And thanks to Zed Diyana and Carina for the inspiration for me to blog this. Hope you'll find this and read it. Nice meeting you guys!