entry the eighty eighth: FARAHMEXX was born in 1988!!

Today is my sister's (my only one), Farah Mexx, 22nd birthday. And we haven't celebrate it together for 4 years. Well, its not like we blow candles on a cake but still. To have all the family members together on you birthday is just simple and lovely.

Here's a thing or two about her.
1. She talks a lot. And I mean A LOT. But its nice having a chatty sister. Originally she was a quiet and shy girl but after a head bump from a fall changes her.
2. She is pretty cool for a gadget freak. Yes. She loves gadget.
3. Fun to kacau. Back when we were young, once I remembered pushing her into our fish pond. Kesian dia.
4. An honest person. She doesn't lie. And she is also a blabbermouth...well sometimes. I remembered she told my parents about me stepped on 2 old rusty nails after I told her to keep ir amoung ourself. Lucky for me. Kalau tak kena Tetanus la.
5. She's my BFFY. That's "Best Friends Forever-Y'all!"

Love you Mek. Hadiah nanti-nanti lah yer?


entry the eighty seventh: Dunia ni bulat~

At one point in my life (when I was way younger) I like to say ''Dunia nih bulat''. It is kinda stupid to look smart by saying that but it kinda made me think of many things. The world that we live in always seems round to all of us but it is not. Its actually a but oval in shape. Its a bit like a rugby ball.
The world is not round afterall. It kinda changes a lot of thing. Some people actually needs to adjust to the fact that Earth is not round. Heck, even I had that problem when they announce that Pluto is actually a white dwarf instead of a planet. Susah tau nak adapt. Belajar lain, result lain. Then again not everything can be symetrical right? Then the world would be too perfect and dull.
Nevertheless, Discovery Channel is right. The world is just awesome.

TA-DA! Some rantings before tido.


entry the eighty sixth: i used two monitor for this...

For this entry, I shall blog while using the ''kerusi urut'' after a long day at the office. Oh, and I'm using my new Nintendo DSi. Hehehe... So I guess it shold not be long.

My new NDSi is so awesome. Loving it! The screen is wider and of course I can now surf the new while sitting on this ''kerusi urut''. Heh. Thanks to my sister FarahMexx for choosing it for me.

Can't wait for the latest Pokémon to come out!!!


entry the eighty fifth: I'm also DoodlemanAddam

DoodlemanAddam is my ID for my Deviantart account. Frankly I hate that name as I thought names can be change later in the future. Well I was wrong. Sigh~

So here are some of the art I did for the past year.


entry the eighty fourth: 2010

I have not blog for almost a year. OMG!

Well, most people would list down their New Year Resolutions every year and will try their best to keep 'em. Which most people kinda succeed on not finishing it. So this year I intend to have my own list with a little twist. It's a list of thing
s to have this year. Okay, I guess it's a huge twist.

So here are the items for 2010:

1 Nintendo DS game (Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold original)

1 PSP game (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep original)

1 Nintendo Wii with 2 games (at least)

A new watch (geeky pon takper)

1 FX lightsaber (I want Windu's)

1 Batman item (tak kisah figurine/lego/comic/pakaian)

1 Swiss Army Knife (other brands is a no-no)

1 Wacom Bamboo Tablet (pen & touch)

1 book (any books will do)

So there you have it. The list of things I can buy this year. But you can also give me thses stuffs as presents. Amat dialu-alukan.

Hopefully I can save money this way.


entry the eighty third: Go Blog!

This has been in my mind for several weeks now. I just have to type about this.

You might have heard of these sentences before.
"This is soooo going to be on my blog."
"I am going to blog about this"
"Let's blog!"
"Jom Blog"

But what I said once (yes, only once) was this.

"Let's go blog!"

Sounds to me like "Let's goblok!"...translation?


p/s: this is what i found when i Googled the word Goblok. Click here for the wiki page of Goblok.


entry the eighty second: UPIN IPIN season baru!

After promised to MediaHorizon, I shall post this. Here is the time table for the new Upin Ipin series. Tengok...jangan tak tengok!

p/s: bukan terpaksa tau. memang nak. best!!!!!