Heee...I just have to do that. One reason was to try out myself about layout and scripting. I have no idea or what-so-ever about scripting, except for the one we had in theatre class. So it is a minor success...


...and I'm now ready for my latest blog. Well mine and Loi's lah. We call it "Butter popcorn is yummy!". It will be mainly based on movies, old and new, love or hate, cartoon or documentary, and DVD or VCD.

So guys, check it out ya!

Oh and I still haven't seen Transformers yet due to the death of my cousin, Ihsan, last week.
He fell down somehow and knock his head first. Coma for nearly a week before his last breath was released.

Rest in peace, lil Ihsan.

p/s: I do sedar with my typo error for the last entry's title.

Ihsan. Dia dan dunia dia.