Several pictures from my W660i. And for your information, I am now blogging with my spare laptop. PowerBook G4. Man I just don't know how to blog nicely with this thing. Even the image pon tak appear while I blog. Just the script.

This was taken just now. Bought a new kite last weekend at Alor Star so we we tried it out. and its the shape of Batman's logo.

"Sunset at Taman Bahagia"
Basically the title will tell everything about the picture, except the baad traffic I had at that time. I love the sky. Can't believe my phone manage to snap a picture like this.

"Girl talk"
Took this one at Putrajaya Lake Club. Dinner time masa tuh so I was trying out the panorama features in the phone. Nice eh?

"Yummy Mundy"
This thing can kill ya. Eat more than 1 dulang pon dah cukup dangerous. This is called Rusmandi (a.k.a. Mundy by some people) is actually rice soaked with the mutton/lamb oil. Bakar the animal above the rice and let it drip and soak. Serious sedap. But sesuai for makan sekali sekala.

"The reflection of the morning fluff"
Taken on one morning where I had my walk at UKM.