For those who have heard of The Secret phenomenon, you have to see this video. But for those who have not heard of The Secret, let me tell you a bit about it.

The Secret is a self-help documentary consist of a series of interviews and some dramatizations of somewhat people would call "The Law of Attraction". The Secret is also a book of which I'm not sure which comes first. But what I know is that this thing is actually famous. Basically it teaches you to be positive minded in order to control your life. It also teaches you to visualize, believe and hope in order to get what you want. Seriously. In the DVD, there are some parts where you have to imagine and dreams of things that you want to achive in the future. The only thing I'm not that okay with this thing is that the way they do it, will somehow confirms the stuff that you want. For more info about it, just wiki. Hee.

Since my laptop is now gila (dying actually, dunno why) so my NZ editing masih tertangguh. But I did just a bit editing so see this first la.