Selamat Hari Raya. I've been malas to blog on raya. Don't ask me why. Just not in the mood. Nevertheless, my raya was fine. In Klang, dapatlah jumpa sanak saudara yang tak complete since some balik to the other side of the family this raya and in Alor Star, too many kids. Seriously. My granduncle (Tok Chu), ada around 9 kids and most of them are extremely hyper. Seriously. They came to me and wrestle with me, up to 5 kids at the time. Kena pulak masa tuh my uncle came by jugak with his 4 kids, one tak datang and the other one jenis yang baik. Oh and this time around, no mercun nor bunga api for us to play/snap. Pictures biasa pon macam takder. Also I went out with Ehsan for makan-makan. Kampung kitorang giler dekat.

Yesterday pulak, we went to Bukit Antarabangsa to visit out uncle (Pak Long). And he told me a story about this guy and his newborn baby. It goes something like this...

There is this couple who has been married for more than 6 years and
still belum dikurniakan seorang anak. Until one day, the wife got pregnant
and they were thrilled. When the baby was born, new father was happy and
went on straight to see his new son. The doctor caught him before he went
in the baby room and said:

"I have a bad news for you sir. It's about your child."
"What is it?" asked the man.
"I'll tell you. But first I need you to calm down and don't
freak out of what you're about to know"
So they went into the first room and the man saw a baby boy with no arms.
"Is that my son?" asked the man.
"No. That is not your son"
And so they proceed to the next room and the man saw another baby. But
this time with no arms and legs.
"Is that my son?" asked the man again.
"No. That is not your son"
And they proceed again to the other room and they saw another baby. That
baby only have his head to his chest. As he saw the third baby, the man thought
that he'll just accept with whatever about his new son.
"Is that my son?" asked the man again.
"No. That is not your son. That is your son," said the doctor while pointing to a pair
of eyeballs.
"Oh my god," and that is all he can said.
"It's okay. I pasrahlah dengan apa yang ada," added the man.

"Okay then. I think you SHOULD know what's the bad news is," said the doctor.
"This is not the bad news? Then what is it?"
"I'm afraid your son is blind."