Lama giler tak update thy blog. Sorry for those yang open my blog.

The new trimester has just started. I feel busy all of the sudden. But it is okay. I need to be busy. Too tired of not doing anything.
Some update that you might need to know...
  • I am going to New Zealand on the 16th. That's 10 days from now. Can't wait! Dapat jumpa Mek. Makan Oyster. Maybe some bungee jump. *cross my fingers for it* Woot!
  • On the way back from NZ, we will be staying at Singapore for a night. Insyaallah sempat lepak for one day before fly back to KL. It's shopping time!! Wheee~
  • Today is November the 6th, so SELAMAT HARI JADI MILLA! <---she was my neighbour.
  • Fuad drives his new Satria Neo. Maroon in colour. A bit similar to mine. Oh, him and Ida got me a set of Batman Hotwheels Gotham set! Me likey. Pics will be uploaded soon.
  • Ezani's Open house was fun. Sayang Andrew and Akmar datang lambat. I bet with all of us there, it will be fun. Here is a picture when we were at Ezani's open house. Ehsan was the one behind the pillar and Putri was covered by Fuad.
Picture courtesy of adik Ezani taken from

Yesterday I went to OU with Loi and her marm (mom) and we tried Carl's Jr. Seriously huge burgers. And it taste not bad. Better than McD's burgers. Hehee. Thanks to Ezani and Azidi for the suggestion of that place. Our tummy memang clan makan-makan.

Instead of fries, dier kasi chili fries.

This is the burger. Its huge. How huge?

This huge!

Eat to live and live to eat!
Makan untuk hidup dan hidup untuk makan!