The Dark Knight is not out yet but The Joker has left the building. Heath Ledger was found dead yesterday. Police said the death was caused by a possible drug overdose and appeared to be accidental. Sayang. Belum sempat Batman belasah dier dah pergi.
R.I.P Heath Ledger.

I'm not going to post his Joker-image. Too sad to bear.

On the other news, nearer to us: Faizal Tahir is not going to sing at AJL21 (Anugerah Juara Lagu) due to his latest act on 8TV's birthday bash concert. He took off his t-shirt and threw it to his fan. Together with the t-shirt was his belt buckle. Both DCwear product, both Superman. Because of that he is now banned from performing life for 3 months. (kalau silap kasi tau) And to me he did not deserve that. Semua sebab bukak baju and takder nilai-nilai kemelayuan. WTH? Girls pakai seksi-seksi nampak cleavage ok pulak? Ntah lah. I think Faizal Tahir is a good singer and a rawking rockstar. And what he did maybe it was a mistake, maybe he shouldn't did it but I'm definitely ok with it. It's his character. Biar lah. Anyway I still sokong Faizal Tahir!

*note the buckle. bling bling baby*

* * *

Can't helped it. I just love this image.