the late Nurin Jazlin Jazimin

Rest in peace, dear Nurin.

A few days ago, our nation was shocked by the news of a Jane Doe found in a gym bag. A small kid to be exact. She was found with bruises and scars on her with her legs folded in a way human not suppose to. Later it was confirmed that the body is actually Nurin, who went lost on August 20 when she went to a pasar malam near her place, alone. The missing posters were seen around Kuala Lumpur as well as places around Klang Valley in hopes that she would be found. They found her alright. Found her dead.
For those who haven't heard, Nurin's body was somehow tortured. Or abused. Sexually. For sure, the story of Nurin ends tragically.
I for one, felt something when I heard about this young Jane Doe when she was found. I felt sad. And angry. Who would do such a thing. Not even animal would do that. Leaving her in a bag after doing whatever to her, which I'm sure it's against any Human Rights. Got me thinking, what if it was someone close to me? A sister? A cousin? or even a daughter? Whoever this scumbag shall be brought to justice. He/she shall be burned in the deepest of the deepest abbey. In the mother of all hell.
Hate it when this happens. The world is not that save anymore. Killing here. Raping there. But I guess this such of things dah lama jadi. It's been around for centuries.
Read it in the newspaper earlier today, the parents of Nurin asking not to blame them for whatever happens to her. Well. I won't blame them for what has happened to her. But her being missing is something else. Who would let a 8 year-old girl wanders to a place fulls with strangers all by herself in the first place. Hate to say this but they can actually prevent this. But what to do. Nasi dah jadi bubur. It's too late to say. The innocent Nurin is now lifeless.
I hope this shall be a pedoman to all of us. Including me. This is no happy story. Its a sad story. A true story. Of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.
To the sicko who did this to Nurin, we Malaysians is now at war with you. And if I found you, I'll be happy to send you off to hell myself.