It was painful. Like very.

It all started when my brothers Luqman and Firdaus complained to my mom about my snoring. From what they claimed (eceh, claim jer...) it was loud and scary. Scary because the fact that I actually stopped breathing at some point. So I thought sebab of my body (gemuk)and my tonsil but after a meeting with a specialist, he told me that it was something else. He said that my passageway for breathing is a bit small. I have some extra frills on the top part of my passageway. Also, my nose is a bit senget. My lubang hidung pon smaller on one side.

So what to do? Operate.

When he told me that it will be painful macam sakit tonsil, I answered dengan penuh confident "I can handle that". I was wrong. Sakit gila! Every morning I woke up with a headache. The pain goes all the way to my ear. Telan air liur pon sakit. Even on soft and cold diet, ice cream was also torture. But now dah ok banyak dah. The pain is less and I feel ok now.

Other part of this story I malas nak type here. I shall tell if you ask me personally. I can tell you with all the facial expressions. I'm better at that.

Tu jer. Hee... Oh and thanks for those who wished. Sorry tak kasi tau earlier.