I fell. And I'm crippled now. Thus, I walk like Dr.House.

See the huge bump? Sakit giler okay. So geng la kiter Amir. Sama-sama cacat. OKU. Heheee.

I'm at my uncle's place at Bukit Antarabangsa now. My grandmom is here as well. So Luqman, Firdaus and I tido here. Just to teman our grandmom. Oh and our uncle (tuan empunya rumah) is at Kota Kinabalu now. Another reason kitorang meneman. And our parents lak, I dunno where lah.
Mak Lang was here just now. She came with her husband and son. Heh. Family reunion is always fun. With all the laugh and jokes and stories. I think I better put in some of their pictures later.