At one point in my life (when I was way younger) I like to say ''Dunia nih bulat''. It is kinda stupid to look smart by saying that but it kinda made me think of many things. The world that we live in always seems round to all of us but it is not. Its actually a but oval in shape. Its a bit like a rugby ball.
The world is not round afterall. It kinda changes a lot of thing. Some people actually needs to adjust to the fact that Earth is not round. Heck, even I had that problem when they announce that Pluto is actually a white dwarf instead of a planet. Susah tau nak adapt. Belajar lain, result lain. Then again not everything can be symetrical right? Then the world would be too perfect and dull.
Nevertheless, Discovery Channel is right. The world is just awesome.

TA-DA! Some rantings before tido.