Ever since I got my Nintendo DS, I've seen game-hunting for more good-and-fun-to-play games in NDS. And here are some that I'm playing at this moment.

Pokemon Diamond - is a must have game for a Pokemon fan like me. Just like the older version, the key is to be the best Pokemon trainer there is. A lot of improvements were installed that are obvious. And these improvements are good, such as:
1. A Pokemon watch or Poketch for short. There are many handy usage for this item for example, itemfinder, berry checker and pokemon love-meter.
2. 3D environment. Better than the flat out older versions.
3. Wireless connection. You can easily chat/trade/battle with a friend without a cable.
4. Nintendo WFC. Where you can chat/trade/battle with people from around the world thru WIFI..

Mario Kart DS - A very fun game for DS. Just like the older versions, it is a race game using Mario Universe's characters. What is good about this game is the features that comes with it. It can be played up to 8 players and you can draw your own emblem. It's just fun!

Elite Beat Agents - A crazy game with awesome art. A simple beat-based game using only a stylus. the multiplayer features are also fun where we can battle against your opponent. So work out those fingers and dance to help people!

Drawn To Life Spongebob Squarepants Edition - Draw your own character and run around and fight Doodle! You also need to draw items to fight with, trasport and even custom your house. So just go crazy-lah.

The Legend of Zelda-Phantom Hourglass - Another game where you need to draw to make notes and fight with your stylus. Go and resque Zelda (as always) and do it in a cute way. This version of Zelda, Toon Link is used. Heee...

Speed Racer - Better than the WII version. Better car-fu and stunts to unlock stuff. A bit typical but still fun to play.

Metroid Prime Hunters - This first person view gameplay is fun with very nice graphic. Control is a bit gila but once you get use to it, you'll love it. Just try for the multiplayer. Its just amazingly awesome.

Lego Batman - Too bad the NDS version is not as good as the PC version. But nevertheless, it is fun to play. Same story with different designs of levels. And to control both good and evil makes it just fun to play.

Warioware Touched - A game yang "tak masuk akal" and fun at the same time. This game make full use of the usage of stylus and microphone. See if you are fast with this game.