I have not blog for almost a year. OMG!

Well, most people would list down their New Year Resolutions every year and will try their best to keep 'em. Which most people kinda succeed on not finishing it. So this year I intend to have my own list with a little twist. It's a list of thing
s to have this year. Okay, I guess it's a huge twist.

So here are the items for 2010:

1 Nintendo DS game (Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold original)

1 PSP game (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep original)

1 Nintendo Wii with 2 games (at least)

A new watch (geeky pon takper)

1 FX lightsaber (I want Windu's)

1 Batman item (tak kisah figurine/lego/comic/pakaian)

1 Swiss Army Knife (other brands is a no-no)

1 Wacom Bamboo Tablet (pen & touch)

1 book (any books will do)

So there you have it. The list of things I can buy this year. But you can also give me thses stuffs as presents. Amat dialu-alukan.

Hopefully I can save money this way.