Its 2009. And as usual people hope for a better year than before. Its not wrong to hope. As a normal human being we do love being hopeful of something. And i am hoping for a better luck.


A few minutes after new year, I accidentally left my car key inside my car. And I was in Putrajaya together with my siblings and some neighbour. In the end I had to go back home with a neighbour and sneak in for my spare key. Haih...I actually sneak into my own house.

Plus today I left my car key in my car again in front of the office. (Oh yeah. I just started working now. Hee.) So now I'm waiting for my parents to come for my spare key. Why oh why does this happens to me?

So as for me, I can just hope for a better luck and work hard to remember better.

Akhir kata, Selamat Tahun Baru 2009! enjoy setakat mana yang mampu.

* * *

Here are some pictures taken from Mek's blog.