Les' Copaque did a press preview on January 13th for their first 3D animated feature film, GENG: Pengambaraan Bermula.

That night, I watched it for the first time (yerla, baru join kan) and it was awesome! Berbeza dengan my perception masa trailer dier mula-mula keluar. Movie nih sangat disyorkan kepada semua. It is not only for kids but for all age. The plot pon simple yet fast moving so it is not draggy. Tak bosan for short.
I'm writing this as a movie lover. I have no involvement in the production of the movie.
This movie is so Malaysia with its contents, scenery and humour. It also reflects us as Malaysian.
I enjoyed watching this movie. The script was firm, the jokes was not over-done and voice acting is natural. Just go and tonton the movie and have fun. Because I know, I've seen it, and it is freaking good.