Once I had a tremendous movie experience. That was when I watched Dan in Real Life.
Aliya and I watched Dan in Real Life, starring Steve Carrell and Juliette Binoche, at Cheras Selatan's TGV. It was a weekday and crowd was little. The thing about our movie watching that day, we weren't planning to watch any movie. It just came so suddenly. We weren't even sure what movie to watch and there was Dan in Real Life. With no idea who's in the movie or what is it about, we bought the tickets.

And it was worth it!
With no expectation, the movie turn out well. The storyline was simple, the jokes was average and the sweetness of the movie is just nice. Overall, I love the movie.

Unlike the other time I watch, with expectations, the movie sucked. Take Da Vince Code for instance. After waited for 6 months, the movie was bad. Dah la tgk midnight show which ended at 3 in the morning. Damn. It was tiring. Some other movies yang memusnahkan my expectation will be Alexander (which I shall hate all eternity). That is all I can think of now. Heh.