I know it's late but biarlah. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICKIE!

Mickie (originally Ahmad Firdaus, based on his IC) birthday was on the 2nd. Nama Firdaus but people calls him Mickie. Thanks to his sense of fashion back then (he wears Mickey Mouse's product too much), many of his friends have no clue of his real name.

Following are the people I know that was named Firdaus by their parents but nicknamed differently:

Pedot - was my classmate in MMU. The name Pedot derives from his name. Pedot is also a typical name for Firdaus.

Yus - one of my many schoolmates with the name Firdaus. Derive from his name as well.

Bone-tut - was my classmate back in school. Was from Perimbun. Derive from his old school name. Perimbun > Primbone > Bone > Bone-tut

Didi - my schoolmate jugak. Different class. Have no idea how he is known as Didi. I just know him as Didi.

Brad - also a schoolmate. He can't eat rice or he'll puke. Seriously. So he can only eat bread. Derive from the word bread. Firdaus roti > Firdaus Bread > Bread > Brad

Fatah - schoolmate gak. Maybe his name ada the word Fatah. Used to call him Minal until I found out that his dad is Minal. Heh.

Phyr - my youngest brother. Derived from his own name. Firdaus > Fir > Phyr. Also known as Daus.

Firdaus - I have to put this. Met this girl (yes, a GIRL) who was working at the cashier at Toys 'r Us, OU. I was like "Your name is Firdaus?" and she answered dengan bengangnye "Yes. It's originally a girls name". Wicked I tell you.