My family went to Pantai Balok in Kuantan with Abu's family this Chinese New Year and we had a great time. It was fun and tiring as well. Stayed for 3 days and 2 nights in Swiss Garden Resort. Nice place. I got things to do now so tengok gambar sudah la.

Pantai Balok in the morning. The sunrise was peaceful. I'm no beach-person actually. I prefer river more but the sound of wave splashing in the morning with the calm sea breeze running on your face was something I like. Allah's creation of nature is so beautiful.

Our typical group pose. Meh.

Who would think I can do this? Heh. Did this once before but this time I can't lift the legs up. My dad and Luqman was trying to make me fall.

More jumping. We all did the jumping. Except for Juju. Sayang betul.

How can they sell a T-Shirt that says "Cheating Malaysia" where it sould be "Cherating Malaysia". WTH? And its RM30. Wow. Major typo.

I called this love. And i love it.