Today is my sister's (my only one), Farah Mexx, 22nd birthday. And we haven't celebrate it together for 4 years. Well, its not like we blow candles on a cake but still. To have all the family members together on you birthday is just simple and lovely.

Here's a thing or two about her.
1. She talks a lot. And I mean A LOT. But its nice having a chatty sister. Originally she was a quiet and shy girl but after a head bump from a fall changes her.
2. She is pretty cool for a gadget freak. Yes. She loves gadget.
3. Fun to kacau. Back when we were young, once I remembered pushing her into our fish pond. Kesian dia.
4. An honest person. She doesn't lie. And she is also a blabbermouth...well sometimes. I remembered she told my parents about me stepped on 2 old rusty nails after I told her to keep ir amoung ourself. Lucky for me. Kalau tak kena Tetanus la.
5. She's my BFFY. That's "Best Friends Forever-Y'all!"

Love you Mek. Hadiah nanti-nanti lah yer?