Work has been piling up, thus explains the lack of updates. If I have a diary right now, I bet I also takder masa to write it.

Gambar ini takder kene mengener with what I'm going to type below.

Right now my hair is super soft. And I hate it.

The thing about my hair is that it is very soft. Like the type dalam iklan shampoo tuh. With this soft hair, automatically gravity is the main enemy. My hair won't go up. Semua jatuh. Funny looking though. I need to make it a lil bit kasar. What to do? Here are some things I did to make my hair a bit kasar.

1. Ask for shampoo that make ur hair keras/kasar. (Setakat nih tak jumpa)
2. Pakai sabun on your hair. (It works and I did it sebab salah baca botol)
3. Skip days on shampooing your hair. (Gatal kepala later on)
4. Pakai wax. (Tangan tak best pastu. Oh and make sure it's Gatsby)
5. Pour some fruit juice onto the hair. (This was an accident happened to my brother, Luqman. And the juice tuh from the kotak one)

* * *

OMG! I just noticed that my hair jatuh kat depan in the picture I posted above. Guess ada kena mengener after all. Hee.