Nanook Imakunnel, my cat, died yesterday. He was sick.

The very last image of Nanook Imakunnel

A few days ago, my brother and I send him to UPM Pets Hospital since we noticed that Nanook can no longer moves his back leg. At the hospital, the doctors scanned him to check if he's broken inside. Instead we found that one part of his backbone was kinda compressed. The doctor said this happens if he was in an accident or he fell down from a high place. But there was no scratch on him, to tire markings around the area plus Nanook is no climber. He's too heavy to climb. So we let him stayed there for further check-ups.
The next day, Dr. Intan (the one that was treating Nanook) called me and told me his spinal cord has swollen. It was sad. He was in pain. Badly. So my dad told the doctor to proceed for his operation, if possible. Yesterday Dr. Intan called my dad and told him there is no chance for Nanook. That is when my father asked the doctor to put him to sleep, to end his pain and misery.
We all think that he was hit by a person. I believe a cat-hater. This reminds me of Ehsan's cat died of poison given by a neighbour.
I cried. Nanook was born and raised here. I actually bought his mother. A munchkin.
So long Nanook. I'm going to miss you sangat. Ossy is lonely without her playmate here. Kesian Ossy.

We'll miss you always Nanook!

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