Aku seorang mekanik.

Yesterday, two of my four tyres punctured on my way home from MMU. As the result, my mom terpaksa pick me up all the way from Bangi. Which tayar? Right side front and Left side back. And of course I only have one spare tyre. So today I have to pinjam one spare tyre from my neighbour, Leeka.

After I left my car at Petronas Cyberjaya for one night, I came back with Leeka's spare tyre. As I tukar the tyre, I was wondering if I were to be a pengganti tayar for an F1 car. I think I did a good job for my car. I'm guessing I can change F1 nyer gak.

Tayarku yang sudah meletup...

I wish I have the Jack besar tuh

My car. After "Pimped"

All the thanks to Loi, who sanggup temankan I until my mom came; my mom, who came to pick me up and Leeka, tumpangkan I to Cyber. Mak and Uncle Shahabuddin for the tyre.

* * *

Here are some images from our last Actorlympics. Pictures are courtesy of Craig. Click here for the full story.

The girls (Aliya, Putri and Akmar) with Harith Iskander and Douglas Lim

The boys (Ezani, Craig and I) with the same people

So for my next Actorlympics, I shall:
1. Volunteer for an act
2. Took picture with Afdlin Shauki and Ida Nerina