Taken from Katamari Damacy, one of the best game ever! Love the graphic, love the design, love the concept and love the colour.
Amout the gabe : the main character, the Prince (the green guy), has to roll a 'Katamari'
to collect anything that is needed for galaxy making.

Why galaxy making?
This is because King of All Cosmos (the Prince father) accidentally destroyed the galaxy while he was drunk. So with that 'Katamari' the Prince has to roll up everything including animals and humans. Along the way, you shall meet up with the Prince's cousins which will be lying around the world. Later on you can also use the cousins to take over for the Prince.

What's fun about it?
Rolling up 'Katamari' onto humans and animals are fun.
Just like any other games, you can't really do this in real
life but in here, such pleasure to do so. And not forgetting
the storyline throughout the game.

So, for those Ps2 gamers who never try this, please play this (although I don't have a Ps2)

the Prince (no.10) and his cousins

Why this entry?
It's the rainbow of course. Skarang nih theme colourful. Whee~